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25 February 2020

Migraine on Good Morning America

It Was a Big Week for Migraine!

Last week, Good Morning America started their 3-day series, "Unlocking the Migraine Mystery". They shared my story, along with the Pushis Family, and talked about the use of neuromodulation devices for the prevention and acute treatment of migraine. Please watch all three and share!!

My Story

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Photo Courtesy of INvisible Project
I have had migraine most of my life, experiencing my first migraine attack at just eight years old. Since then, life was different for me. I was no longer a normal, ordinary kid. The things and activities that usually bring joy to a child were oftentimes triggers, causing severe and sudden pain.

Through those difficulties, however, I gradually learned how to be resilient and forge ahead. I think having migraine at such a young age prepared me for having chronic migraine as an adult in some ways. Although the journey has been rocky and I spent my fair share of time in the darkness, I was able to find a purpose for my pain.

I'm grateful now to migraine for showing me how strong I am and that I can use my voice to affect change, no matter how small it may be. I hope you find your strength today in feeling validated by these stories. You are not alone. 💕

Robert Pushis

This is the story of how a family moved hundreds of miles to make sure their son lived a better and healthier life.

INvisible Project, migraine,
Image courtesy of INvisible Project


Neuromodulation Devices

In this segment, GMA goes over gammaCore, sTMS, Cefaly, and the newest neuromodulation device on the market, Nerivio.

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