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04 August 2020

Sponsored Post - TERRAMED Migraine Glasses

Terramed Migraine Glasses

My eyes always hurt. Having chronic intractable migraine and light sensitivity means that there is pain, achiness, and fatigue in my eyes. As much as I would prefer to go through each day in the dark, I cannot avoid the light. It is everywhere!

🌞 The sun
💡  Fluorescent lights 
📺 Televisions
💻 Computers
📱  Mobile devices

In order to control my daily pain and keep it from becoming too intense, I must either avoid all of these sources of light or limit my use of them. Avoidance isn't very practical, so I need to be proactive about protecting my eyes as much as possible.

Why Precision-Tints?

I have used precision-tinted glasses for many years to help reduce the pain, fatigue, and eyestrain I experience due to light sensitivity and chronic migraine. They are an important part of managing chronic pain and my migraine toolkit. I was offered to try a pair of Terramed Glasses to see if they would be helpful for me.

Terramed uses FL-41 tint for all of their eyewear. FL-41 is designed to filter out certain wavelengths of light, specifically green and blue, which are thought to be bothersome to people with light sensitivity. This specialty tint has also been recommended for people with migraine, post-concussion syndrome, seizures, and other light-sensitive conditions.

Why Terramed?

Terramed glasses are specially designed with a lightweight frame that comfortably fits the face and can be worn all day indoors to help prevent and reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. They - 

  • help you hold focus on digital devices and lessen eye muscle fatigue;
  • are made of ultra-lightweight polycarbonate to lower pressure on your head and face;
  • and have a scratch-resistant hydroleophobic hard coating, are hydrophobic (water repellant), and debris resistant.

Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses

I was sent a pair of the Audrey Glasses, which are unisex. All models offered are unisex and come in the rose-colored tint. This model is very comfortable and light on my face. They do not squeeze at the temples or fit tightly.

Although these glasses are for indoor use, I have used them many times in place of my sunglasses outdoors. They have gone with me to Myrtle Beach, the Outer Banks, and Jamaica. 

My eyes and head have felt a ton of relief out on the water, even though they are specifically made for indoor use. I preferred them to my sunglasses while in the ocean because they are just so much more comfortable to wear. And, they live up to being water repellant!

From trips to the grocery store, traveling on a plane, driving on road trips, working on my laptop, or watching television these glasses have come in handy. Migraine lives behind my left eye daily, therefore, any aggravation from light or fatigue after looking at my computer screen for too long will exacerbate an attack.

With the Audrey glasses, I could enjoy our 10-day family vacation to North and South Carolina and a surprise 6-day vacation to Jamaica with my husband. Living with chronic intractable migraine essentially means I must work very hard to keep my pain level as low as possible so I can live and enjoy my life.

I was able to - 

🍝 Eat out a restaurants
🌊 Go to the beach
🚘 Drive
✈  Travel
🏊 Hang out by the pool

Having these glasses helps me maintain that level of low pain more effectively without the use of medications, which is important to me. My treatment plan consists of a combination of therapies - pharmacological, complementary, and alternative. One alone will not work, so having many options at my fingertips is very helpful.

Can I Afford This?

Yes! Terramed offers glasses from $55 to $69, about the average cost of a typical pair of glasses. They are definitely on the more affordable end of the migraine glasses spectrum, so I suggest starting here if you are interested in trying out a pair.

Shipping is a flat fee of $5 and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for the full purchase price.*

Worth the Investment

If light sensitivity is a real issue for you and you would like to try something other than regular sunglasses to help during a migraine, then it is worth investing in a pair of Terramed Migraine Glasses. Building up your migraine toolkit takes time and it's worth adding some items that really work. Managing migraine requires many different tools and this one is a good investment to make. 

*You are welcome to return your merchandise within 30 days of receipt and in new condition for a full purchase price refund.

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