07 September 2017

Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups #Review #Sponsored

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Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups

Living with chronic illness is very unpredictable. Some days we wake up feeling great and others we wake up feeling like our bodies are trying to attack us from the inside out.  That is the life of a spoonie.  Meteing out our spoons so that we don't run out before the day is over.  We also have the challenge of not looking sick when we are, causing those around us to doubt our illness.  So much is expected of us when we look just as healthy as the next person, even on our worst days sometimes.

How do we navigate through those ups and downs of an invisible disability? As adults we find the answer to that to be not as clear.  How do you suppose children with invisible disabilities feel?  I suffered from migraine as a child and I experienced many good and bad days.  Since I didn't look sick, many of my classmates and teachers doubted me when I was in legitimate pain or dealing with severe symptoms of migraine like nausea, lightheadedness, and dizziness.  How could I be so sick if I was just fine a few hours ago?  "She must be making it up to get out of being in school", they'd say.  It made me feel very alone and isolated.  No one understood or cared to try to understand.

I was taught as a child that my voice, experiences, and illness did not matter. The ones who doubted me were never educated on my illness or how to treat a person who has one with care and compassion.  It would have been nice to have something that showed what it was like to have a chronic illness.  I didn't see me in any of the books I read.  No one wrote about being a kid with chronic pain.  A book like that would have made a huge difference in my life.

That is why I am so excited for the book Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups by Judith Klausner and
illustrated by Sarah Guild. 'Noah the Narwhal' is the story of a super friendly sea mammal that follows what a week is like for him dealing with the ups and downs of living with chronic migraine.  We see what challenges Noah faces each day of the week and how his illness affects not only him but those closest to him.

In the story, we see that Noah's friends, family and coworkers find it hard to deal with his illness and the unpredictability of it.  Noah not only has to deal with the physical symptoms of his chronic migraine but the emotional aspect of how he is made to feel because he has chronic migraine.  Those closest to him have a hard time understanding that Noah's condition does not make him less productive, reliable, or loving.  He just has pain days where he needs to rest and take care of himself.

This book does an excellent job in showing how chronic migraine affects everyone around us and the challenges we all face in learning how to cope with the illness.  The main point of the story is to show that despite our down days, we are still valuable and capable members of society who are worthy of love, compassion, and respect. Children who live with chronic migraine need to see themselves in stories like 'Noah the Narwhal' to show them that they matter and how they are seen matters. The author says, "Noah the Narwhal is here to remind us (and the people who love us) that being valued and loved are just as constant as any chronic condition."

This book deeply resonated with me as an adult with chronic migraine.  I can only imagine how needed it would be for children living with it also because my eight year-old self with migraine fell in love with this book too.  'Noah the Narwhal' is a must for children with invisible disabilities and is a great conversation starter for adults who live with them too.

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