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30 July 2016

Migraine Hat™ Product Review

How many of you have made makeshift ice pack holders? I know I have. For years I would use one of my many scarfs that I use to wrap my hair up in to keep my ice packs in place. Or I would use the little drawstring bag that held the pillowcases I purchased to put my ice pack into.  Did it work? Yes.  Did I look cute? No, lol.  It has been a struggle trying to find a way to keep my ice pack in place if I still needed to walk around and function, especially for those trips to urgent care or the emergency room.

It can be a hassle trying to walk around and keep an ice pack firmly pressed against your forehead, neck or sometimes both!  With only two hands that can be fairly challenging.  Try cooking dinner, doing laundry, or driving to pick up your kids from school with one hand.  Not easy.

Having a functional yet fashionable way to use an ice pack is something I think all migraineurs have thought about.  We need something that will stay cold for as long as possible, be wearable in any situation, and can travel easily.  The Migraine Hat has found a way to achieve all of those things.

Migraine Hat is an ice/compression therapy hat made specifically for people who suffer from migraine and chronic migraine.  It offers quick, cooling relief, is hands-free, has an adjustable one size fits all design, removable and reusable Cryo-Gel Ice Packs that stay cold for four hours, and pulls over the eyes and ears to block out light and sound.  And since it was made to look like a hat it can be worn on the go!

It has a wrap-around design that perfectly contours to the shape of your head and stays securely in place while allowing you to adjust to your comfort or to target pressure points. Compression often helps aid in decreasing the pain felt during a migraine attack.  Coupled with ice therapy, they are effective in helping ease the pain and discomfort of migraine.

When Lisa Jacobson of The Daily Migraine reached out to me to try out the Migraine Hat™, I was very excited because I have seen ads for it online.  When I received the package in the mail I was so pumped to open it up and see what was in store.  I was sent the Deluxe Migraine Hat Kit, which includes:
  • 1 Migraine Hat
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 3 Cryo-Gel Ice Packs 
  • 1 Custom Cooler Bag
The Basic Migraine Hat™ Kit comes with:

  • Migraine Hat
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 2 Cryo-Gel Ice Packs
Migraine Hat™ adjusts to fit children and adults and can be worn tightly for compression or loosely for cooling relief. The drawstring storage bag stores your Migraine Hat™ and gel packs conveniently in the freezer.  The Cryo-Gel packs are removable, reusable, and flexible for maximum comfort.

My favorite piece is the cooler bag.  The custom designed cooler bag allows you to have the cooling relief of the Migraine Hat™ whenever and wherever you need it.  My cooler bag stays in the freezer with all of the gel packs and Migraine Hat™ so they are ready any time I need them.  Some of the features include:
  • Stay-Cool Freezing Layer keeps interior cold for 8 hours
  • Custom fit for both the Hat and Cryo-Gel ice pack
  • Zip closure and fold over flap keeps cold air inside
  • Detachable, outer pocket holds additional items

I've had it for a few weeks and I have used it many, many times.  It was very exciting to have something new and different to try when it came to ice therapy for my migraine.  I have become accustomed to only being able to use ice packs at home because it would be very inconvenient to run errands or do housework trying to hold an ice pack to my forehead.

Migraine Hat™ has been a huge benefit to have.  Not only has it given me great relief from migraine, it has allowed me to remain functional.  I have used it while cooking for cooling relief during the exhaustive heat waves in my area.  It has provided compression and cooling relief during a trip to urgent care.  

Next week, I am traveling to Los Angeles and you better believe my Migraine Hat™ is coming with me!  Flying usually results in a migraine attack for me so it'll be great to wear it on the plane to help avoid one coming on.

Wearing Migraine Hat™ during a
moderate migraine attack.
Keeping my head cool and applying pressure
to my temples at urgent care.

Having this product has been such a great experience. With the cooling bag, I am able to keep my gel packs close by and ready to use at any time. Whether I am in my bedroom, car, or traveling I can always count on having relief at a moment’s notice. Migraine Hat™ has overwhelmingly proved itself time and time again as a wonderful, reliable and useful product.

I highly recommend Migraine Hat™ to everyone.  You can purchase your own by clicking on the link below.  The Basic Kit is $29.99 + $4.99 S/H and the Deluxe Kit is $59.99 with Free Shipping.


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