24 April 2018

Patient Input Needed for Review of New Migraine Medicines by May 8

institute for clinical and economic review

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is assessing the new class of CGRP inhibitor medicines for migraine prevention. Insurance companies will use ICER’s final report (as well as other information) when determining if they will cover these medicines, what tier the medicines will be in on the plans’ formularies, and what types of prior authorization or step therapy will be required. 

ICER does not have a migraine patient or a headache specialist on the voting panel that will be making their final decision, so they truly do not have a personal or specialist understanding of migraine disease. This is why it is vital that ICER hears from migraine patients!

Almost 200 migraine patients shared their stories with ICER during the first Public Comment period in November 2017. These submissions have helped to inform the process thus far, but if you want your story to be seen by the voting panel, you must submit it again.

CHAMP, HMPF and Golden Graine have worked together to create an Updated Patient Guide that provides all the information you need to know on what to cover and how to submit your migraine story. The deadline for submissions is May 8, 2018.

It is critically important that ICER understands the migraine patient experience and that we speak with one loud and unified voice!

23 April 2018

The Migraine Diva Is Now a Proud Partner of the American Migraine Foundation!

american migraine foundation

We’ve joined the American Migraine Foundation to fight debilitating head pain together

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing meaningful information, resources and support for those living with migraine, The Migraine Diva is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the American Migraine Foundation.

19 April 2018

Shades of Migraine Podcast

Hi lovely folks! I had the awesome pleasure of being interviewed for the Association of Migraine Disorders podcast, Shades of Migraine, while I was in D.C. for Headache on the Hill in February.

I share how I am affected by stigma in the urgent care and ER setting, the tools that help me manage chronic migraine, and how having the support system I do helps me in my every day battle with chronic migraine.

16 April 2018

50-State Network Teleconference - Being Your Own Migraine Advocate

Please save the date for our next teleconference a week from today Monday, April 23rd at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT.

Global Healthy Living Foundation is excited to introduce migraine patient advocate and blogger Jaime Sanders, who will be leading GHLF's migraine advocacy efforts as Migraine Patient Advocacy Coordinator.

23 March 2018

#Migraine Market Research Study Seeking Participants

NVC Consulting is seeking migraine sufferers who have used prescription medications to participate in a PAID market research interview to discuss your experience with migraines and how they affect your life. All interviews are confidential. All who participate will receive $100. If interested, please email interviews@nvcconsulting.net with the subject MIGRAINE and include your name, location (city,state), contact telephone, and email address. Please pass along and share!!

15 March 2018

Out of My Head Film Screening and Fundraiser

I’m working to bring a screening of the film OUT OF MY HEAD, about the neurological disease migraine, to our local movie theater. Screenings of this documentary are happening across the country, smashing stereotypes around this shockingly common, stigmatized and misunderstood condition. It’s not just a really bad headache!

Caring for Someone with Sleep Apnea #Sponsored #Ad

"This post is sponsored by Aeroflow in conjunction with Chronic Illness Bloggers. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. "

Do you live with a snorer? I do and that does not mix well with chronic migraine and insomnia. My husband always snored, but for the most part it wasn’t a nightly occurrence. That is, until two years ago. The snoring started becoming louder, longer and eventually he’d stop breathing from time to time. Scary! After much urging, I finally got him to see our doctor about it.

14 March 2018

Become a Migraine Advocate

I have recently started working for Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF), a non-profit organization, as their part-time migraine patient advocacy coordinator. My role is to help recruit awesome, rockstar, and dedicated migraine patient advocates to join the 50-State Network, which is part of GHLF. Becoming a member of the 50-State Network is a step toward advocacy.

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