14 July 2018

WEGO Patient Leader Award Nomination

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I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for the WEGO Health Patient Leader Award in the 2018 WEGO Health Awards.

12 July 2018

Migraine Advocacy and Access to Care

For women and men with migraine, the only thing better than making a headache stop is preventing it altogether. New drugs known as CGRP inhibitors may allow just that – if patients can access them.

While patients see new drugs as the chance for a better quality of life, health plans may instead see them as a threat to their bottom line. So insurers are constructing barriers to limit the drugs’ accessibility.

27 June 2018

Strike A Pose: Is My Migraine Trendy Enough For You?

In case you missed it, migraine is the newest trend in the fashion, makeup and modeling industry. Elle magazine posted an article yesterday on how "Pretty People on Instagram Are Doing The 'Migraine Pose'". Thanks to makeup artist Nam Vo who coined the term "migraine pose", our disease is now trending on Instagram for all the wrong reasons.

22 June 2018

Patient Advocates Needed!!!

50 state network, patient advocates, global healthy living foundation

We are almost there! Thanks to increased recruitment efforts, we have migraine patients signed up in 41 states!!! The 50-State Network is still in need of patients living with migraine in the following states:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
Rhode Island
South Dakota

If you want to learn more about becoming a patient advocate and you live in one of these states, visit www.50statenetwork.org today and sign up to join this incredible advocacy group.
"We take action through advocacy, education, and outreach. Seth’s 50-State Network engages with its members daily, coordinates weekly, and educates monthly, ensuring that state and federal governments serve their citizens responsibly." (cited from www.50statenetwork.org/about-us)
patient advocates, 50 state network, global healthy living foundation

21 June 2018

Shades for Migraine 2018

Have you ever wished for someone without migraine to walk a mile in your shoes? Living with the stigma of migraine only makes coping with the pain that much harder to deal with. It would be great if we could instantly make a non-believer understand exactly what migraine feels like.

The Association of Migraine Disorders created a great video on stigma for their Shades for Migraine campaign that I'd like to share with you. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and to create a viral buzz about a disease that affects 1 billion people worldwide. 

18 June 2018

A Week in the Life of a Woman with Chronic Migraine

This is a snapshot of what a week with an intractable migraine looks like. Summer is the worst season for me when it comes to managing chronic migraine. I am in pain practically every day. This video was taken last August. Here's the breakdown of each day:

17 June 2018

Pre-ICER Advocate Forum Panel Discussion #MigraineAccess #TrustPatients

Last week I was in Los Angeles to attend ICER’s CGRP Inhibitors as Prevention Treatments for Patients with Episodic and Chronic Migraine public meeting on Thursday. The day before, the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum (HMPF), Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF), and Coalition For Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP) held a patient centered forum where patient stories can be heard, share how the new CGRP therapies will change lives, and learn why access to treatment options matter. 

I was part of an incredible group of people who were chosen to participate in the discussion:

Paula Dumas, Founder & CEO of Migraine Again and producer of the Migraine World Summit 
Denis Tessier, Patient Advocate and Clinical Trial Participant
Sydney Kessel, Patient Advocate with Miles for Migraine and Clinical Trial Participant

And our wonderful moderator, Joe Coe, who is a migraine patient and serves as Director of Digital Content for GHLF. 

Watch the discussion below, and share using #MigraineAccess and #TrustPatients.

08 June 2018

Battle Balm #PainRelief #Sponsored

I received this item to review as part of my blog, 'The Migraine Diva'.  All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the company.

As many of you may know, I try to incorporate non-medicinal pain relief options into my pain management routine. If I can control, wind down or possible eradicate pain naturally I will take that route first. Part of having migraine is avoiding medication overuse headache (MOH). I am limited to using my pain medication to three days per week or once every 24 hours. This leads me to use them only when absolutely necessary and when other methods have failed.

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