25 February 2017

#Sponsored e-cloth Kitchen Dynamo Review

I have been given this product as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

As a chronic pain sufferer, daily chores are a challenge.  Deep cleaning and scrubbing aren't always something I can do without it causing or triggering pain or flare-ups.  Finding easy and effective cleaning tools is always necessary in order to maintain the cleanliness of my home without suffering for trying to do so.  One of my issues with cleaning is the cramping in my hands and wrists due to carpal tunnel syndrome.  Something as easy as wiping down countertops and cleaning off my stovetop will immediately cause pain.  I am a neat freak and hate mess and clutter.  I find myself really frustrated that I cannot clean the way that I want to because of my incompetent hands.

When I received the e-cloth to review, I was very eager to try it out.  I have a glass stovetop that I usually have to clean with a special cleanser that requires a lot of wiping and scrubbing.  It is not very hand-friendly. And with teenage sons, my countertops are often filled with spills and crumbs.  With the e-cloth Kitchen Dynamo, all I need to do is add water and wipe!  With their chemical free cleaning system, I do not have to worry about inhaling harsh chemicals which trigger migraines. 

e-cloth uses microfiber cloths that have 3.1 million fibers per inch 

"The cloths are made of polyester and nylon, so they don’t “absorb” anything. Water, dirt, oil, grease, grime and even bacteria are trapped within the fibers – so the more fibers you have the better the cloth works. Think of it as millions of tiny hands grabbing onto everything on the surface of your countertop or sink. The cloth is also proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from a hard surface.  These cloths don’t kill bacteria, they collect bacteria from surfaces.  This is another benefit of all of those fibers – they literally scrape the surface clean at a microbial level.  The best part – when you run this cloth under hot water in your sink, all but .01% of that bacteria, dirt, oil and grease is released from the cloth down the sink.  So, there is virtually no transfer back onto clean surfaces."

The Kitchen Dynamo e-cloth can be used for kitchen and bathroom cleaning.  It's perfect for pots and pans, baking dishes, plates, cutlery, showers, sinks, tubs, barbecue grills, and more.  The scrubbing stripes (made from polyester threads surrounded in tough non-scratching nylon) and the grease gathering of the long fibers make it more effective for kitchen cleaning.  This e-cloth can be easily used on nonstick surfaces without damaging or scratching the surfaces.

And taking care of your e-cloth is super easy too! For day-to-day use, a warm rinse is enough.  Machine washing is recommended to keep the e-cloth performing at its best.  It's super economical and gives you peace of mind of having a bacteria free environment in your home.  And for only $7.99, it's a great value!

My stovetop has never looked so good!  Warm water and the Kitchen Dynamo makes for effortless, streak-free cleaning! No more scrubbing with harsh chemicals and cleansers.

I highly recommend the use of e-cloths for everyone.  They have a wide range of products for kitchen, bathroom, baby care, pet care, and auto care.  Visit their website today!

Website: www.ecloth.com
Twitter: @ecloth

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