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13 April 2020

$15 Off... Treating Migraine at Home with Allay Lamp

Allay Lamp - A Helpful Tool for Migraine

Boy, what a time we are living in! Although many of us who have had migraine for years or decades, living in isolation and social distancing is nothing new to us. Despite being used to those ways of living, what we are experiencing now is still very different than what we have dealt with in the past.

COVID-19 and Migraine - What Does That Mean For Us?

COVID-19 and the global pandemic we are now in the middle of has impacted us in several ways we didn't expect.
  1. Many people have not been able to get their regular Botox or nerve block injections due to appointments being canceled thus creating longer periods of time in pain.
  2. The result of this is an increased need to make visits to the emergency department, which is unlikely due to hospitals limiting their patients to those currently positive for COVID-19, are high-risk, or undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy.
  3. With utilization management practices limiting abortives and how often refills can be made, running out of pain medications is a real concern if payers do not make accommodations to suspend those practices during this emergency.
I have chronic intractable migraine, therefore, I am in pain on some level every day. Some days it is very manageable (at a two or lower) but most days my pain is at a five or higher. Because of my many drug allergies and intolerances combined with my insurer not covering injectable Toradol, antiemetics (nausea medication), or Benadryl, I am severely limited to what I can take to alleviate my pain.

Due to that, I pick and choose which migraine days warrant the use of my abortives and/or rescue. Other pain management therapies are A MUST in order to manage my pain. That includes cryotherapy, essential oils, meditation, and other non-medicinal treatments. One of my newest tools is the Allay Lamp, a narrow-band light designed specifically for light sensitivity and headaches.

Green Light Therapy

Through research conducted by Dr. Rami Burstein and his colleagues at Harvard Medical School to understand why light hurts people living with headaches, a new pathway was discovered which explains why light hurts.
The pathway begins in the eye as light signals come in. Surprisingly, however, it ends right in a group of neurons (nerve cells) that tell the brain a headache is happening. When the light signals travel on that pathway and hit that group of neurons, they make the headache more painful.

Dr. Burstein found that red, blue, and yellow light created more pain when people were exposed to them. This was not the case, however, when they were exposed to green light. He spent two years examining this and concluded that red, blue and yellow lights yielded increased electrical signals in the eyes and brain than the narrow band of green light.

This research has led to the creation of the Allay Lamp which only emits this specific narrow band of green light to lower irritation and keep the brain calm. Well, how do you use it? Allay Lamp works best if it is placed above or behind you and used for at least two hours to receive it's full benefits, although you can begin to feel relief after only 30 minutes of use. The below diagram shows how to best place your Allay Lamp.

How The Allay Lamp Helps Me

I spend a lot of hours on my laptop; even more now since schools have closed for the rest of the year in Virginia. Besides writing blog posts and articles and being on webinars, I now have to incorporate school time for my son, who is a senior in high school.

Increased time on a computer screen and my phone means that I am more exposed to the blue light emitted from those devices. I have and currently use precision tinted eyewear to help block those lights, which are tremendously helpful. However, my eyes would still feel tired and strained after some time.

Now, whenever I need to work on my computer or phone, I place my Allay Lamp above and behind me which creates enough light for me to work comfortably. With everyone being home, that means more time in the kitchen. My new apartment has fluorescent lighting and that kills my eyes. I now cook using the lamp, which I place on top of my cabinet behind my sink and stove. Let me tell you it's a game-changer!

Of course, I use it during an active attack to help reduce the pain, inflammation and nausea. Upon my first use of the lamp, I was impressed with how it naturally eased my symptoms. I also noticed that my thinking was clearer and had reduced feelings of anxiety and depression. Coupled with cryotherapy and my CBD salve, it was extremely effective in reducing my symptoms.

When I am in bed, I use the lamp on the regular light mode instead of the regular lighting in my room. Not only is the light softer, it makes for a nice ambiance also. My husband loves to use it too. I think I need to buy him his own lamp!

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Not only has the Allay Lamp helped with working on the computer, cooking, and alleviating migraine symptoms, it has greatly benefited me in managing stress, anxiety, and depression. I am pretty accustomed to the increased levels of anxiety and depression when quarantined in my home, however, those feelings have increased due to my increased workload and concern over my family's safety.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I meditate. Since getting the Allay Lamp, I have incorporated its use during my meditations. Although my eyes are closed, I am able to feel the effects of the green light. I found the meditations to be more effective and the clarity I feel is so refreshing.

There is a lot to worry about these days and sometimes, being cooped up at home for extended periods of time can exacerbate those feelings of worry. Having a healthy way of coping is extremely important. The longer we stay inside those feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress the more at risk we become of developing severe attacks.

Avoiding the Emergency Room

I despise having to get emergency treatment for an attack that will not respond to my therapies at home. My end goal each day is to prevent that from being a necessary step. By using the Allay Lamp every day, I can help reduce that possibility. Not only am I making myself less exposed to triggers, I am creating an environment that is more conducive to my disease. 

Migraine, depression, and anxiety aren't allowed to thrive as much as before and that is the whole point to managing these diseases. In today's environment, I am not even sure if I would be seen in an ER or urgent care and that concerns me. So, I will do whatever I can to keep myself out of one as long as possible.

We have to do more at home now than ever before when it comes to our care. The more tools we can throw into our toolkit the better for our overall health and sanity. I highly recommend trying the Allay Lamp to manage migraine, light sensitivity, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Allay Lamp is currently being offered for $149 plus free shipping. That's $100 less than normally priced. You also get a 40-day risk-free trial. If you are not in love with it, send it back for a full refund. 

Save an extra $15 off of your purchase here*.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I pray for everyone's safety during this crazy time.

The Migraine Diva

*This is an affiliate link. I do receive a small commission when you use my discount code.

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  1. I've also been trying the Allay Lamp to see if it helps, and wanted to see if other people also got the positive results I did! Skeptical as I was at first, this thing really works.


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