30 March 2017

#Sponsored Post #PillDrill Review

"I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. "

Managing all of my prescriptions used to be a headache, which I didn't need having chronic migraine and all.  In order to make sure that I adhered to my medication schedule, I had to set several alarms on my iPhone.  Not only was that time consuming but it was challenging trying to keep them all straight.  And the constant going off of alarms was quite annoying to say the least.  Tracking whether I took my medications on time, skipped a dose, or took something unscheduled was not easy without the use of some sort of medication management tool.

Having chronic migraine, depression and anxiety requires several medications to help manage them. Four medications are taken daily, with one of them being twice a day. Ensuring that each dose is taken on time without some form of reminder is guaranteed to create skipped or forgotten doses.  As for the ones that I take as needed, remembering how many hours it's been since I took my last dose isn't always easy.  Especially with migraine and fibromyalgia brain fog, these types of things are easily forgotten.  I really needed some type of easy, efficient, and streamlined system to make sure all of my medications are taken when necessary.

When I saw the campaign to review PillDrill through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network, I immediately jumped at the chance to participate.  What is PillDrill?  It is a user-friendly medication management system that offers simplicity, flexibility, and dignity.
  • Simplicity | Simple enough for everyone to use.
  • Flexibility | Flexible enough to help anyone.
  • Dignity | Dignified because health products don't need to be scary to work well.

Medication management made effortless

All it takes is a quick scan of your pill container to log a dose as taken.

Reminders that are effective and intelligent!

The Hub captures your attention in three ways when a dose is due -
  1. The Hub glows in teal.
  2. Sounds an alert.
  3. Displays dosage information on the screen.
If you already scanned an item at the time of the scheduled reminder, the Hub stays quiet and knows not to bother you.

Compatible with all medications

You can keep your medications in their original packaging.  The easy to use scanning tags attach to pill bottles and irregularly shaped items easily.  If you use a weekly pill organizer, PillDrill custom-built one for superior ergonomics and compatibility.  Each pod - 
  • Is individually removable
  • Is easy to open
  • Has a built-in scanning tag on its base
The strips snap together allowing you to connect as many as you need to accommodate your schedule and a secure travel strap that tucks away under the base when not in use.

Manage your routine or a loved one's

The role of the PillDrill app is the difference between individual use and family use. The app can be used to get reminders and log doses on the go for individual use.  The app will send you real-time adherence and mood updates so you can know how your loved one is doing for family care.  A smartphone isn't needed by your family member and there's no nagging involved!

Better health insights

With a combination of adherence data, wellness tracking, and dynamic reporting interface, PillDrill helps you better understand the effect medications have on your body and make more informed health decisions.

Let me tell you that I love my PillDrill.  Setup was super easy and in a matter of minutes I had all of my medications scanned and scheduled. Staying on track with my medications has never been easier. I have hardly any missed or skipped doses since using it and the mood cube really helps me see how often I am feeling bad due to migraine pain or even on days when depression and anxiety flare-up. Here are a few photos of my PillDrill and a video showing how to use it...

Make sure to visit PillDrill.com to learn more about this fabulous health tool! Available to order at www.pilldrill.com or online at CVS.com (and get free shipping!).

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