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01 February 2018

"Love Myself" February Series

Starting February 5th on my Facebook page (The Migraine Diva) I will be going live at noon (12 p.m. EST) every Monday through Friday to share motivational tools and assignments to help us learn to love ourselves more and spend more time on our well-being.  February is the month where we will begin to dedicate time to taking care of ourselves. 

We often neglect our own emotional well-being.  Having a chronic illness such as migraine or mental illness can suck up so much of what used to be positive in our lives.  Being aware of what it is we need and taking the time to fulfill those needs is a habit we need to teach ourselves.  I'm here to help you facilitate that for you.

Here is what you can expect each week in the "Love Myself" series:

Meditation Mondays

Each Monday we will focus on something different to address areas often affected by chronic and mental illness.  This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Self-worth
  • Being kind to ourselves
  • Self love
  • Managing stress
  • Lowering pain through meditation
I will include some of my favorite meditations with you and where you can find them.

Transformation Tuesdays

How has chronic and/or mental illness transformed you in a positive way?  Instead of focusing on how it has negatively impacted your life, let's try to find the silver linings they bring about.  This can be achieved by:
  • recognizing your strengths,
  • being a better advocate for yourself,
  • living a healthier lifestyle, or
  • being more in tune with yourself.

Wishful Wednesdays

This is a fun day to think outside of the box.  Each Wednesday we will explore things we would love to do or have happen if we were given one wish.  What would you wish for?  It could be anything...
  • Traveling to a new country
  • Finding a cure for migraine
  • Having enough money to not worry about your family or expenses
  • Being able to spend another day with a loved one or fur baby who passed on
  • Meeting your favorite celebrity

Transparent Thursdays

Each Thursday we will be open to being vulnerable and show the truth, good or bad, about chronic migraine, chronic illness and mental illness.  This could be shown in how it affects our - 
  • families
  • careers
  • relationships
  • social life
  • self perception

Fierce Fridays

This is the day to show how fierce, strong and validated you are!  From the smallest thing to the biggest achievement, share what makes you feel FIERCE.  It doesn't have to be a physical attribute.  How our children, spouses, and friends appreciate and value us can make us fierce.  Achieving a goal or finishing a project at work can make you feel fierce.  Whatever gives you that feeling goes!

I encourage you to join me during this journey of discovering how to love and take care of the person who deserves it the most... YOU.  Having a chronic illness does not mean that you cannot invest in yourself.  Let me help you find the time to do so.

Jaime 💜💜

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