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19 February 2018

Love Yourself Series: Practicing Gentle Kindness

Welcome to the third week in the Love Yourself Series. Monday is dedicated to bettering our skills in mindfulness. Today I would like for you to use the Insight Timer app and the "Practicing Gentle Kindness toward Ourself" guided meditation by Sarah Blondin.

Her Live Awake podcast "helps bring you back to your grounded center through reflection and guided meditation... by choosing to live awake to all that blooms in front of us we begin to live a more empowered life where joy becomes our natural state of being rather than something we occasionally stumble upon."

When our lives are filled with chronic pain and mental illness, we often only stumbleupon joy rather than focusing on the joys in life that are abundantly present if we took the time to SEE them.  We can practice this skill through today's guided meditation.

Spend 10 minutes on YOU today! 

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play

Her podcast is also available on SoundCloud 

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