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25 May 2018

The Fay Farm Warming Muscle Rub #Sponsored

I received this item to review as part of the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network.

warming muscle rub

Living with fibromyalgia means sore and achy muscles and stiff joints. Especially first thing in the morning. My hands and feet hurt tremendously when I wake up. If I try to stand up and walk it feels like I am walking on nails. Between the extreme stiffness and pain, it can be unbearable. Stretching them out first usually helps some as well as massaging in some muscle easing oil. But I didn't have anything specifically for fibromyalgia.

warming muscle rubI was eager to try Fay Farm Warming Muscle Rub when I got the opportunity to review it. The rub was designed for people who live with persistent muscle and joint stiffness, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis. The rub is meant to be used as a quick anti-inflammatory treatment. It is made with organic ingredients, including arnica flowers which provide a deep, soothing relief as well as warming and cooling oils and cayenne pepper.

Other ingredients include shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, beeswax and camphor.

Although some scents can trigger a migraine attack for me, I found the scent of the rub to be quite pleasant and not overwhelming. The feel is slick but not greasy and is easy to apply. It felt like heaven on my feet. The warming sensation was so nice and seemed to melt away the stiffness and achiness. I like the cool feeling too. It seems to calm the area down. Using the rub in conjunction with some stretching exercises before bed makes my mornings so much better. It has become my nighttime ritual.

For my hands, I just rub the excess in after putting it on my feet. A little goes a long way! No need to use a ton of it. Between the carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia, my hands constantly hurt. Whether I'm cooking, cleaning or doing my hair my hands start to hurt almost immediately. The balm eases the tension and stiffness quite nicely.

When I received the rub I had just gotten a big bruise on my leg. They usually turn a really ugly purple and hurt a lot. I decided to try using the balm on it to see if it would help ease the pain. Sure enough, it did. And it didn't turn purple either! This balm is a definite keeper. I bruise very easily. The slightest bump against something and I get a black and blue. Plus, I'm clumsy so I stay bruised up. The fact that the balm helped to heal it quicker was a surprising bonus.

Whenever I get occipital or neck pain during a migraine, I rub it on my neck and shoulders for quick relief. It helps to relieve the sciatic pain in my lower back as well. I've been working out more lately and doing crunches aggravates my back, even though I do them on an exercise ball. The rub helps to melt away the pain and keeps it from lingering for too long. My family has benefited from the balm as well. My husband uses it for his occipital neuralgia and my oldest son uses it after his workouts on his shoulders.

As a person living with fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, carpal tunnel and spinal stenosis, Fay Farm Warming Muscle Rub has made managing the pain associated with them easier. I highly recommend it to anyone who has persistent muscle and joint stiffness and pain.

You can order it here - TheFayFarm.com

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