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10 August 2018

HMPF Migraine Access Interviews

During the Pre-Icer Patient Advocate Forum held in Los Angeles in June, several migraine patients, including myself, bravely told our personal stories and spoke about what access to treatment options meant to us. It was an honor to be a part of this project with these amazing women and patient advocates. Katie, Jill, Paula and Shirley - you guys rock!

Migraine patients deserve access to innovative therapies. Ready to get involved? Watch our story and join the fight for access now.  I encourage you to join CHAMP / GHLF as patient advocates as they are leading the effort on patient recruitment and mobilization. Links to join are below video.

Join CHAMP (Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients) - https://headachemigraine.org/about-us/#champ-about-connect

Join GHLF (Global Healthy Living Foundation) and the 50-State Networkhttps://www.50statenetwork.org/

Learn more about HMPF (Headache and Migraine Policy Forum) - https://www.headachemigraineforum.org/

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