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03 February 2020

Introducing Migraine Healthline

Migraine Healthline

Migraine has made me feel isolated, alone, misunderstood, and desolate. I can't tabulate how many days I have spent locked away in darkness. My life has been stolen away by disabling pain, nausea, cognitive impairment, depression, and anxiety. Feelings of loneliness within my disease have permeated the journey I have been on these past thirty-three years.

Besides the support and comfort I received from my family, husband and children, I lacked the connection of being around other people living with migraine. I had to actively seek support online through social media, websites and blogs to create a community of people around me who understood and lived a life with migraine.

That took a lot of researching reputable support and advocacy groups. What if you didn't have to do that? What if you could access support right at your fingertips? Well, guess what? You can with the Migraine Healthline app!!

I am partnering with Healthline to kickstart the launch of Migraine Healthline, an app that provides support, information, and a platform to connect with others living with migraine... and I am excited to give you all the deets! 

What's in Store?

So, what can you expect from my partnership with Migraine Healthline? I will be hosting TWO LIVE CHATS in the app and will continue to share more engaging information with you throughout the next four weeks.

Things to Do in the App

So, what's different about this app compared to all the other migraine tracking apps? Well, you can expect a lot of great content and engagement within the Migraine Healthline app.

1:1 Messaging - Members who opt into push notifications are matched with one new member each day based on stage, treatment, and lifestyle interests.

Group Discussions - Ask questions, seek and offer support, and share treatment experiences within groups that are organized based on topics and interests that resonate most with the community.

Live Chats - Each weekday the community guide or Influencer will lead a discussion in a Groups channel.

Trusted Information - Curated selection of Healthline medically approved condition wellness articles and podcasts, articles and blogs from reputable partners, and useful resources from chronic condition associations providing members with additional outlets for support and guidance.

Feed - A holistic feed bringing members favorite features together in one place where you can post to Groups, follow live chats, and see what's trending in the community.

What I Love About Migraine Healthline

I can connect with awesome people living with migraine every day! Even though I am out in the advocacy space, I still feel isolated and alone because of migraine disease. The need to commune with others who understand what I am experiencing never goes away.

With the app, I can connect with someone new each day, find support and encouragement when I'm having a bad day, and have a wealth of valuable resources at my fingertips.

Please join me on Sunday, February 23rd and Wednesday, March 18th for Live Chats in the app!

Download the free app today! Link works for Android and iOS devices - https://go.onelink.me/qwfc/fce523de
Sign up and create an account now and start connecting with others like YOU!

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