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22 March 2020

Managing Migraine During COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. We are used to being in our homes for days at a time and social distancing on our own but not being able to go places because of a pandemic is something new to all of us. How do we manage our acute migraine symptoms when they get so bad we typically seek emergency care? There are real fears surrounding the possibility of contracting the coronavirus and many of us living with migraine have comorbid conditions that are part of the vulnerable population.

If you have ever considered using a neuromodulation device for prevention, acute treatment or both I wanted to share an offer with you. CEFALY has graciously reached out to me wanting to help anyone who would like to purchase a device.CEFALY can help you stay home, stay safe, and stay on top of your treatments during a time when we need to take every precaution regarding our health. With CEFALY,

  1. There is no risk of contracting the coronavirus in the waiting room, during a treatment, or potentially during your round-trip commute to see a doctor as CEFALY is administered on-demand by you at home.
  2. If you already have a CEFALY prescription, you can order electrodes to be shipped directly from their warehouse to your door. No leaving the house to a pharmacy if you don’t want to. Electrodes are currently BOGO 50% off! (Must be same type, limit of 2, expires 3/31/2020)
  3. In clinical trials, people who used CEFALY every day saw a decrease in migraine days and in their need for migraine medication. In theory this also means less Medication Adaptation Headaches and less trips to the pharmacy for refills on migraine medication.

How Does CEFALY Work?

The CEFALY device provides neurostimulation of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerves are the largest of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves. Cranial nerves begin in the brain and can transmit sensory or motor information or both. The trigeminal nerve, or cranial nerve V, has both motor and sensory functions. It runs down each side of your head and allows you to feel sensations in your face.

There are three branches of the trigeminal nerve - ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular.
  • Ophthalmic branch controls the forehead, upper eyelid, eye, scalp and bridge of nose.
  • Maxillary branch transmits sensory information from the upper lip, cheeks, nostrils, lower eyelid, and upper jaw.
  • Mandibular branch has both motor and sensory function in the jaw, outer ear, chin, lower lip, and lower jaw.

When Using CEFALY

CEFALY acute setting (high frequency, single long session) produces a sedative effect on the nervous system that relieves headache pain.

CEFALY prevent setting (low frequency, daily short sessions) restores progressively a normal metabolism in the fronto-temporal cortex of migraineurs; that is to say an improvement of the migraine-triggering threshold, which consequently reduces the frequency of migraine attacks.

Save $50 on CEFALY DUAL

New users can save $50 off of the CEFALY Dual device* through June 30th using code JamieCEFALY50. Click on the banner below to purchase.

Also, for anyone who has the original CEFALY device that looks like a headband, you can send it back and receive a sizable credit toward a CEFALY DUAL ($150 off in the US). The DUAL comes with two treatment programs, instead of one, and a battery that’s rechargeable by USB. This also means no more scrounging for batteries when you most need relief. For more information for the buy-back program in the U.S., click here. The device comes with a renewed 60-day money back guarantee.

*A prescription is needed from your physician for this device. You may place your order and then submit the prescription within 7 days. During that time, your order will be placed on hold. If a prescription is not received your order will be cancelled and the payment will be released and refunded back to you.

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