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01 February 2023

What Should You Expect At Migraine World Summit 2023?

Please note: This message contains an affiliate link. The event is free to watch live. If you decide to purchase a copy of the interviews, we may receive a portion of the proceeds to help us continue our essential work in migraine and headache advocacy.

What can you expect from the 2023 Migraine World Summit?

Relief. Hope. Community. Strategy. Advocacy.

A plan of action and the nudge you need to follow through.

You will hear from 32 of the world’s leading experts—free of charge. Equally important, you will find camaraderie with thousands of others for whom migraine disease is an unwelcome companion. This is more than a meeting, workshop, or convention; it’s also a community.

Like you, all of us living with migraine disease want answers, control, and the information required to reduce our migraine frequency. We all want to improve our quality of life.

Migraine World Summit is about linking options to actions.

World-leading experts in the field of migraine will give you options for reducing migraine days, understanding triggers, using non-medicinal and pharmaceutical approaches for prevention and treatment, and much more. Anyone, or a combination of several, can be life-changing.

But only if you take action. It’s that step—taking action—that makes the difference. In 2022, 93% of Migraine World Summit viewers left the Summit with an intent to take at least one action toward improving their condition, like trying a non-medicinal treatment, investigating a new drug therapy, or making a lifestyle change. In a survey conducted by the Migraine World Summit, 58% of viewers reported a decrease in overall migraine days since they started participating in the Summit¹.

The Migraine World Summit is empowering. It’s knowledge you can use immediately to become a powerful and effective advocate for yourself with physicians, employers, insurance companies, family, and friends. You do not have to “just live with it.” You do not have to accept that it’s “just a headache.” You do not have to believe that “there’s nothing more to do.”

Think of the Migraine World Summit as an array of opportunities for addressing your migraine disease. It’s your opportunity to gain control, feel optimism, and find relief.

We look forward to seeing you at the Migraine World Summit, March 8-16.

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¹ 2022 Migraine World Summit Feedback Survey, conducted April 2022 among 1,022 viewers of the 2022 Migraine World Summit

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