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28 January 2020

GMA - Great Migraine (Opportunities) Ahead

Twelve days ago, after dropping my son off at school after his doctor appointment, I happened to see a message request from Facebook messenger on my phone. As my husband and I are in the process of moving, I thought it was from someone inquiring about the living room furniture we are selling.

To my surprise it was a message from one of the producers at Good Morning America. I thought it was a joke. Why would someone from Good Morning America be reaching out to me? He said they were producing a series about migraine and would like to talk to me about it. So, I called him up. What could it hurt, right?

Sure enough, it was real. I was speaking with a legit producer from Good Morning America! What shocked me was that one of the doctors they work with recommended that he read my story in the INvisible Project. Why he chose my story out of all of the amazing stories in that magazine is beyond me. But, nonetheless, I am tremendously humbled and grateful.

After a discussion about my migraine journey, he said, "We are definitely shooting your story. What is your availability over the next few days?". Um.... what??? Okay, this is for real. That was on a Thursday. Four days later on Monday I had a camera in my face shooting me typing up this blog post. What in the world?????!!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to share my migraine journey and to explain what ALL of the debilitating and disabling symptoms of migraine are. We all know that migraine is more than just head pain and that symptom doesn't have to be present at all. 

Besides all of this excitement, I am extremely excited that migraine will be shown on such a HUGE platform as Good Morning America. We have lived so much of our lives in the shadows and we now have an opportunity for the world to really hear and see the true nature, impact and physiology of migraine disease.

As always, I will do my best to validate everyone's story through my own. If I could have the whole week to speak about migraine I would take it, but I only have a few minutes. It's nice knowing that I can contribute just a little piece to the conversation that is so much needed surrounding migraine.

As soon as I know when the series will air you will be the FIRST to know!!

I do not know who else is slated to be interviewed for the series but it looks like it will be a great production. Kudos to everyone who has brought migraine into the forefront over the last two years. Without your voices this might have never been a concept for Good Morning America! 

I'd like to thank Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent, for wanting to do a series on migraine for the broadcast and to Dr. Imran Ali, who works in the ABC News Medical Unit for Good Morning America, for suggesting my story to the producers.

We are doing big things migraine family!!

I see you. I validate you.

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